Thursday, October 25, 2007

Current Projects

Below is a list of my current composition projects. No wonder I only get about ten measures of music written for each piece per week!

The main priorities right now are Beauty, which is sorely past due and being written for a friend, and in memoriam Hibakusha, an art song, soon-to-be chamber piece, that I believe represents my best work to-date.

1. Beauty (working title) - a meditation for solo organ, for organist Jonathan Hellerman, based on the hymn tune For the Beauty of the Earth, planned for premiere at CUA in the spring of 2008

2. in memoriam Hibakusha - for baritone voice, piano, and spoken voice; currently being re-orchestrated for baritone, piano, string quartet, flute, percussion, and multiple voices; I plan to submit a recording of this piece to a number of composition competitions in the next few months (see above post)

3. Creating music to a brief trailer for a film on a native community in Ecuador (electronic music only) - my first entirely computer-generated composition project, and the beginning of my possible future ventures into film scoring

4. Arranging pieces for the student-run CUA pops concert Christmas Eve in Washington

5. Creating music/live sound-generation techniques for a theater project based on The Epic of Gilgamesh

6. She Gestures - for solo piano; my first work conceived with harmony and rhythm as independent elements; as the title suggests, quite "gestural" - a growing feature of the more reserved, austere side of my output

7. Set 'em Up - for jazz band, using pitch sets (very loosely)

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  1. I can't believe it...

    with this post you have made me wish I were back at CUA. But ... not. I just want to see everything that's going on (especially the Epic of Gilgamesh!!!)