Thursday, October 25, 2007

Something for the reader

Since you're probably not all that interested in reading long lists meant primarily as personal reminders (see below), here is a question to which you can respond:

"What type of music do you write?"

Every composer inevitably gets asked this question at some point, and I find it difficult to answer. Any suggestions? Make a comment, and maybe I'll reply.


  1. I write music I like to listen to.

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  3. That's a good focus, Gregg!

    In short: I try to write quality, accessible music.

    In long: I do my best to write music that my colleagues will appreciate for its musical content, and that my parents - who are intelligent but not musically educated - will care to listen to.

    As for genre, I like to explore the intersection between musical theatre and opera. I also write art song and chamber works. Many of my pieces are written for the stage, including musicals, opera, dance, live and electronic theatre sound designs, and film scoring.

    As for musical content, I continue the twenty-first-century tradition of expanding tonality from within, using any and every available technique that seems applicable. As a result, my works are quite varied and eclectic, yet unified by attention to craft and great sensitivity to textual and emotional concepts.