Monday, January 21, 2008

Auf Dix (A Test Run)

This is a (double-revised) test run of the audio link and podcast hosting functions of Blogger.

The file you are now able to listen to (hopefully) is a fugue, sort of. It was composed for my friend and fellow composer Jonathan, and is in a first draft. The audio was rendered using the Kontakt 2 sound library in Cubase Studio 4.

UPDATE: This new audio file is the same music, but actually mastered (roughly), so it plays at a higher (normal) volume and with a touch more bass. Enjoy, and let me know if it's any different

More discussion will follow. Thanks.


  1. Thanks for the post! I couldn't hear the music from the page itself, but linked to it when I clicked on the title. It is a fun piece.

  2. Cool. The organ sounds better than most real organs I've heard lately. I like what you did with the trill, and how near the end of the piece (stretto?) there's one voice or another trilling most of the time.

  3. Thanks to both of you for the nice comments. I hope you'll continue to follow my posts, as I intend to post once a week with more music.

    The organ from Kontakt 2 does sound really great, all big and echoing. Yep, there's a stretto at the end - yay music theory! If only I could figure out the rest of Kontakt, and Cubase! :)

  4. WHOA -

    Kyle... Kyle are you okay?? you... you said it was a draft....


  5. It's a first draft, because it's my first ever non-class-related fugue, and it has lots and lots and lots of unexplained dissonances.

    So Dr. Strunk might have me revise it, after Jonathan has time to look at it.

    Or maybe I'll never revise it, as with most pieces. :p

  6. Yeah! I get to listen to Kyle's music. I was wondering about those dissonances, although they seem to work pretty well for the most part. I think this is an awesome addition to the blog!

  7. Thanks, John! I'm working up a podcast to go with my blog, in case you get bored reading my rants and just want to listen. :)

    More word on that soon...