Sunday, March 30, 2008


Tomorrow will mark the fourth of four competitions I have failed to enter this year, each due to having large ambitions, not enough focus, and no "fall back" pieces to submit. I hope to make a concerted effort to enter a large number of competitions next year, as I only have two years remaining as a student!! AAAH!!

So... this has not been a good week for composing. Or maybe not a good month... or semester? No, that's not true. I've challenged myself a lot, and I've grown a lot in the process. Of course, the trade off is that I'm writing at an even slower pace than usual.

I am serving on a composition faculty search committee, starting up a CUA Composers radio show (premiering 4/11!), and researching the role of dramatic timing in William Bolcom's operatic adaptation of Arthur Miller's play A View from the Bridge. There, those are my excuses.

In other news, Opera Alterna, a new DC-based opera company founded by director Jay Brock and soprano Sarah Filippa, recently performed Purcell's Dido and Aeneas in the Callan Theater at CUA. While a lengthy review is neither possible nor needed now (as the run is over), suffice it to say that this inaugural production was a solid start for the area's newest opera company. Be on the look out for more of their productions in the future!


  1. Sorry to hear that it's been a difficult semester composition-wise. I know how it feels to feel the ambition slip away as the deadlines get closer. Good luck getting the groove back on. BTW, I'm subscribing now to your podcast. HUGS and good karma.

  2. Kyle you've been so busy! You can't feel bad about dropping the less pressing and immediately important things.

    And getting slower with new knowledge is normal, and shows that you're actually learning and thinking more. Things will speed up again.