Monday, November 17, 2008

Miranda Is Morning: Thursday through Sunday at CUA

Here's a sample cue from my current project. It's the closing music for Steve Spotswood's new play Miranda Is Morning, which runs this Thursday through Sunday at CUA.

Miranda Is Morning - Ending Dirge.mp3 (Click to Download)

This is certainly among the best-quality electronic sounds I've produced so far, using Cubase Studio 4, Kontakt 2 as a VST, and HalionOne, a VST that comes with Cubase.

If you have any questions about my process, suggestions for making it sound even more Danny Elfman-esque, or general comments, please please please send me a message! I'm hungry for feedback.

Most importantly, though, if you're in DC this weekend, go see the show! Call the Hartke Box Office at 202-319-4000, or stop by in person to get tickets.

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