Friday, January 23, 2009

New Music Appetizer Week #1 - Duchess of Malfi Court Music

Court Music 1

A bit delayed, but there it is: Week #1 of New Music Appetizer, my new weekly post of my works-in-progress.

First up is Court Music 1, my first draft of a 16th-century motet meant to serve as court background music for John Webster's play Duchess of Malfi. (Webster was a contemporary of Shakespeare.)

The play is going up February 12-15 at CUA's Hartke Theater, and is directed by Ryan Whinnem. Check it out!

More to come. Now... let the comments commence! (That means you.)

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  1. Since I get my weekly music appetizer via podcast, I listened to this one this morning in the gym...very good! It's got a nice, spacious sound to it. I'm looking forward to these each week!