Sunday, April 12, 2009

BEDA Day 12: Recordings

I've noticed in the past few months that, although my compositional tools have certainly become more numerous and well-defined since my undergraduate study, I have very few audio recordings of my own music of which I am truly proud.

There are the two John Duffy Composers Institute piano-vocal scenes, and the CUA orchestral reading of my re-orchestrated "Scene 6: The Fall" from The Eden Diaries. Then there are of course one or two MIDI-generated works that don't require well-placed microphones, but I'm still a newbie at the electronica game.

That's not to say that I haven't had some fantastic performances of works, because I have. In the past three years I've been blessed to have others perform for me numerous songs, a smattering of chamber pieces, and an entire one-act musical. These performers have done very good work, yet some factor or another - brick walls, empty space, distant mics, hot snare drums, etc. - has always tainted the recording quality.

I have made it a goal to actively generate more high-quality recordings of my compositions in the next one or two years, so I have actually have something to show potential hiring committees in the not-too-distant future. Who knows, I may even be kind enough to post them on my website for the public to experience! :)

Tomorrow, expect a MIDI rendition of that Darwin string orchestra work, Generations. For now, bedtime.

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