Friday, April 17, 2009

BEDA Day 17: New Music Bakesale

Well, it's BEDA Day #17, and April 17th. That means I'm on par, so far!

I know, I know, it's supposed to be New Music Appetizer Friday, but 1.) I have Ultimate in 20 minutes, 2.) the weather is too nice outside to spend too much time on this, and 3.) this is awesome:

Courtesy of the boundless connections of music critic and blogger Alex Ross, check out the New Music Bakesale happening this evening in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood of NYC. A $15 cover charge buys access to more than ten ensembles playing four hours of contemporary classical music, two drinks, and a whole host of baked goods for sale.

What a great idea for a new music event! Maybe SCI at CUA can organize a smaller version of this next year. Maybe in conjunction with someone's thesis or degree recital. Maybe someone is reading my blog right now who has ideas about that and/or a recital on the horizon. Hmmm...

(P.S. - See? Wasn't that cooler than the Harmony class sample chorales I was going to slap up here to meet my quota? Enjoy.)

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