Wednesday, April 29, 2009

BEDA Day 29: BEDA Fizzling Out, but that's okay.

Another day comes to an end, and I am finally (nearly) over my cold. But, illness or no, I will be teaching my Harmony II final class session tomorrow morning.

This illness came at a very poor time. I hope my classes (taking and teaching) turn out alright in the end. (They always have so far!)

Hmm... what's something interesting?

I had a great and unexpected conversation tonight. That's always great. And unexpected.

Want something more interesting? How about this?

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  1. Something interesting....

    Well, the President implied in his news conference tonight that waterboarding might have produced some credible information....

    Oh, and New Hampshire passed its marriage equality bill in the Senate, and it needs to be re-affirmed by the House. The Dem governor opposes marriage equality, but might be persuaded to let it slide...into law.

    A few things for you. Courtesy of my trolling the internet looking for procrastination topics. :o)

    Feel better soon! Good luck tomorrow/today with the Harmony II class.