Monday, May 11, 2009

S.Q. Daily #1: Preparing for 64 String Quartets

Starting this summer (read: today [read: as soon as I'm done with this post]), I will write my first string quartet. It's officially due August 7, with an initial draft due approximately July 17.

Seeing as this project is the first of my three DMA dissertation compositions, I will be devoting much of my time to it. But don't fret, devoted readers and intrigued accidental e-sojourners. I am happy to introduce...

S.Q. Daily: A Composer's Listening Journal

- Day #1: Preparing for 64 String Quartets -

Welcome to my new blog series, S.Q. Daily, a public listening journal that documents my 65-day journey through the thrilling sonic world of the string quartet.

I will listen to one string quartet each and every weekday from May 12 (tomorrow), through August 7, for a total of 64 quartets. S.Q. Daily will include my reactions to each piece along the way.

Look for the first listening entry tomorrow. Among the early contenders: Shostakovich 7 op.108, Britten 2 op.36, Barber op.11, Beethoven 2 (from op.18). Stay Tuned!

- - -

By the way... For any Latin scholars out there, how would you translate the imperative:
"(You) follow the quartet"?

seems to be the imperative for "to follow", but I can't find an analogue to the word "quartet" anywhere. "Sequere Quartetto"?

Perhaps a literal translation of "Follow the four" would have to suffice. Any thoughts?

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