Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Update: Priorities

Another blog entry more for me than for anyone else. (Aren't they all?)

Next Tuesday marks one month since moving to Hawaii. (Wow, one whole month already?!) We're mostly settled, mostly know our way around, and are mostly still enjoying ourselves thoroughly.

I feel confident that my job search will pay off soon, and I am really looking forward to the structure that will bring to my days. Lately I've gotten very little artistic work done while having all the time in the world!

Because I love lists, here's a list of goals and projects I'm considering working on while I'm here.

* Exercise:
   - Play Ultimate 2-4 days per week
   - Swim 1-2 days per week
   - Exercise (including Ultimate and swimming) 4-6 days per week

* Professional Development:
   - Listen to operas, other classical works, at least 1 day per week
   - Practice theremin
   - Practice piano
   - Read music history text

* Creative Commons Projects (education materials free for public use):
   - Music Theory Examples (Roman Numerals, part-writing, form, etc.)
   - Aural Skills Examples (chords, intervals, melodies, harmonies, etc...)

* Compositions:
   - String Quartet No. 1: At Best It Sometimes Rhymes (revision of 2009 work)
   - Dirge for the New Sunrise (chamber work based on the Edith Sitwell poem)
   - in memoriam Hibakusha (revision of 2007 voice, piano, and tape work)
   - Miniature Symphony No. 1 in D Major (arrangement for piano trio)
   - She Gestures (engraving of proportional-time spacing piano solo)
   - Orpheus (re)Set (completion of 2008 set of songs)
   - [Untitled] (orchestral work honoring Lincoln's bicentennial)
   - [Untitled] (new 60-minute, one-act chamber opera)
   - [Untitled] (a set of contemporary etudes for the theremin)
   - [Untitled] ("Great American Songbook"-style songs, maybe for Christmas?)

Anything I've left out?


  1. Wow! You've been there for nearly a whole month already??! That's amazing. I hope that you both are doing well. Best wishes with this ambitious to-do list. I know the best of these projects will come to light. Can't wait to hear them!

  2. Yeah, the time has just flown by! We're doing great.
    That's a really good way to put it: "the best of these projects will come to light." (i.e. - You'll finish 20% of that!) Which is true. You have a gift for words. That sounds sarcastic but isn't supposed to me. :p
    Talk to you sooon!