Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Taste Is Gonna Move Ya

In a bit of diversionary fun, I've been tasked with creating a suitable "karaoke version" of the classic 1980's Juicy Fruit gum jingle, which can be experienced here.

As a brief display of both my limitations as an audio engineer and the amazing power of having a digital audio workstation (DAW) such as Cubase, here are my three drafts so far:

Draft 1 (MIDI data straight out of Finale 2005)
* Warning: There's a really loud noise right at the start of Draft 1, not sure why... briefly turn down your speakers!

Draft 2 (That data edited and run though various VST instruments using Cubase Studio 4)

Draft 3 (Same as Draft #2, but balanced better and with some percussion)

Okay, so it's still not live, but at least it surpasses "crappy MIDI," I think! And it's probably good enough for an Ultimate Frisbee tournament, karaoke rendition. :) Thoughts?...

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