Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Libretto / CMS / Job

When it rains...

1.) I completed a major and elusive portion of my libretto today. A couple more scenes to clean up, but the end is now in site.

2.) I was just informed that my Miniature Symphony No. 1b in D Major, for piano trio, was accepted for presentation at the 53rd National Conference. 1b is a reworking of version 1a, originally for vn/va/vc/db/pno. The conference is September 23-26, 2010, in Minneapolis. Back home! (Kind of.)

3.) I got a new part-time job today. I'm now working for a regional company that performs energy-efficiency audits in homes and small businesses. Great hours AND a job I can feel good about!

And I have a great, FREE string quartet concert to attend tonight in Silver Spring. What a good day!

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