Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lonnnnnnnnnnng Weekend

This Saturday through Tuesday I have three things on my agenda:

1.) Rehearsal for June 4 recital.
2.) Other rehearsal for June 4 recital.
3.) Compose 8 hours each day. I've entered the last big push to complete this opera. The goal is to have it presentable on next week Sunday, 6/6.

This weekend should at least put a huge dent in the remaining portions.

8 more days. 8 more days until it's complete. 8 more days until I can go on a run. 8 more days until I can have a beer. 8 more days until I can get a haircut. 8 more days.


  1. Good luck Kyle!! I hope it's felt like a successful weekend. It will all be done in good time. You are in my thoughts. Happy anniversary this week!

  2. Successful so far, just so much more to go. :) And a happy anniversary to you, last week! I hope you two found some time to sit back and appreciate the past year! Take care.