Saturday, July 10, 2010

Celebrating the premiere

What a fantastic opening on Thursday! I've yet to come down from the rush of energy and happiness that came with that final downbeat - realizing that the show had gone very nearly how it plays in my head. The music, movement, visuals, and pacing were all great!

I am constantly reminded of the skills and artistry of so many people around me, and of my diligent but ultimately fruitless efforts as a composer. What I've dreamed, tinkered with, and polished since February has been shaped into a work of art I could never create on my own. For that, and for the people whose skills and efforts make it possible, I am so grateful. This is truly why I got into composing.

Now all we need is an audience who, drawing courage from larger numbers, will applaud after the important arias. Who's coming Tuesday?

In other news, I ran 7.2 miles today in one hour! What fun, having that luxury again.


  1. I'll be there Tuesday... I'm hoping to bring some friends too!

  2. Awesome. Looking forward to it! :)