Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Other Fringe shows I'm seeing

Other than Oblivion, here are five other Capital Fringe Festival shows I plan to see. Anyone want to join me?

Thursday, 7/22 @ 8pm
Could be entertaining. I'm taking a chance on this one; it's Fringe season, after all.
Fort Fringe - Redrum, 612 L Street NW

Friday, 7/23 @ 8pm
Musical theater improv + great reviews = go to it.
Source Theatre, 1835 14th Street NW

Saturday, 7/24 @ 6pm
Contemporary opera in English. Great singers. Fantastic reviews. Enough said.
Studio Theatre - Mead Theatre, 1501 14th Street NW

Saturday, 7/24 @ 10pm
I expect nothing less than disturbingly dark yet moving hilarity.
Goethe Institut - Gallery, 812 7th Street NW

Also has great reviews. Puppets used in a drama. Yes and yes.
Fort Fringe - The Shop, 607 New York Ave NW

As a side note, I'd also like to see all of these, but had to draw the line somewhere:
* Super Claudio Bros., The New Video Game Musical (also see it at Warehouse the week after Fringe!)
* Carrie Potter at the New Moon Prom (almost went to it, wish the website listed the cast)
* Dizzy Miss Lizzie's Roadside Revue - Finn McCool (as the only DC Fringer who's never seen them, I should make a point to do so... probably next year!)
* Do Not Kill Me, Killer Robots (part of a national Fringe tour, sounds hilarious... didn't notice it until too late!)
* Horus (I wanted to see this, but times didn't work out.)
* Genesis (just looks interesting, which in Fringe language could mean either brilliant or self-indulgently "artsy"
* GS-14 (knowing folks in government jobs, I almost saw it last year. I think I'll almost see it again this year.)
* Romeo & Juliet: Choose Your Own Ending (sounds interesting and cute... but iSchool Musical fulfills my improv needs for this festival)

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