Friday, February 18, 2011

Opera World Gains Yet Another Anna

Thursday, February 17, 2011. Commit this date to your memory. The (in)famous Anna Nicole Smith is now the subject of an opera.

Composer Mark-Anthony Turnage (composer, Greek and The Silver Tassie) and librettist Richard Thomas (composer, Jerry Spring: The Opera) were commissioned by the Royal Opera House to create this work.

Turnage's earlier opera Greek is an aggressive, muscular, decidedly modernist/complex telling of the Oedipus myth. Impressive, fascinating, dizzying. I can't wait to hear - but perhaps only one time - what he's done with Anna Nicole.

Many folks have many things to say about it. I am always clambering for more contemporary opera, aren't I? ...Aren't I?

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  1. So many of my friends have been saying things like "It's a sign of the apocalypse." ... But really, this is not the first woman of ill fame who has become the subject of an opera. Nothing new. I'm curious to see or hear it.