Sunday, September 18, 2011

A short couple of months

Things I've done in the past 2 months:
* moved half way across the country (to Texas)
* started my first full-time teaching gig (private lessons, course planning, advising, etc., etc.)
* left my better half (but not the dog) behind in DC until December
* discovered the nearest liquor store (20 miles SW)
* found the local Ultimate scene
* joined a bowling league
* gotten laundry/dishes/sweeping/mopping under control
* composed 3 pieces (1 for CC21, 1 for a DC theater project, 1 I owed a friend)
...not necessarily in that order.

Things I've neglected in the past 2 months:
* sleep
* cleaning the home office
* updating my website
* posting on this here blog

So, there you have it. Pair-of-Lists as excuse. Drop me a line for more details. :)

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