Saturday, March 3, 2012

CMS National Conference - Nov. 2012 - San Diego

I was excited to learn last night that one of my compositions has been selected for performance at the College Music Society National Conference, Nov.13 in San Diego! CMS has gradually grown into my main source of non-local artistic exchange, professional development, and intellectual stimulation. I guess it's like the academic music nerd world's Comic-Con. I'm excited to be attending for my third year in a row - a tradition I plan to continue for a long time.

My selected work is Dirge for the New Sunrise (Mvt. VI: But I Saw the Little Ant-Men), for soprano, flute, viola, guitar, and percussion. It's a weird little ensemble, but one whose sound is a lot of fun to work with. This piece premiered as part of my dissertation lecture recital last May, and I'm looking forward to hearing what the new music specialists of soundSCAPE will do with it!

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