Monday, July 21, 2008

Gilgamesh: Who Saw the Deep

Better late than never... If you're free this Thursday or Saturday evening, check out a show running in the DC Fringe Festival for which I did sound and "music" work. Gilgamesh: Who Saw the Deep is a retelling of the world's oldest recorded story, an ancient Sumerian legend about a mighty king's struggle with human mortality and his quest to overcome death.

My "sound" work consists largely of organized, improvised, ensemble-generated sound environments that underscore a large portion of the scenes. I had a great time working on this show, and I hope to use some of the same performer-generated/improvisatory techniques in more of my composing.

Remaining performances are this Thursday at 10pm and Saturday at 7pm at the Source Theatre:

1835 14th St. NW
Washington, DC 20009
(on 14th St NW between S and T)

Thur, 7/24 - 10pm
Sat, 7/26 - 7pm

U Street Metro (Green Line) 2.5 blocks away

Short instructions:
read the review, buy tickets and a button online, and check out the discounts you get with a Fringe button.

Long instructions:
Call for tickets: 866-811-4111 (Toll Free)
Or, to purchase online, go here and click on "Buy Tickets" on the left.

Tickets to Gilgamesh are $15 each, plus you need a $5 Fringe Button (one-time purchase) to get into any Fringe show. Go here to see a map of the awesome discounts you can get if you have a Fringe Button with you (includes various bars, restaurants, pet food stores, etc...).

Check out Carrie Klewin's review here.

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