Friday, August 22, 2008


Quick and dirty, here are some tidbits about my life as we head back to school. I'm...

...recently back from vacation (belated 2nd anniversary!) in VA and MD. We camped, hiked the Appalachian Trail, brought TOOTSIE!!, visited some vineyards, and stayed in a great B&B. It was awesome.

...taking only 4 credits this semester: Comp. Seminar and Lessons. YAY!!!

...compiling and whittling down my list of composition deadlines and competitions. More to come...

...starting a "Recycled Orchestra" club at a local public charter school this year, teaching kids in Kindergarten through 4th grade about the basic history and instrument families of the orchestra. They'll use throw-away or recyclable materials from home to create instruments of their own, then use them to create music together. Yay!

...(probably) working at the music library this year.

...teaching Harmony I & II again this year. Yay!

...maybe going to do some theory tutoring, too... if anyone wants it.

...really excited to be starting school. YAY!!

There. There's an update. So there.


  1. Thank you for the update. I was beginning to think you DIED!! :-P That's a lot of teaching. Have fun!

  2. Nope, no death yet. I'm still (thinking about) getting a website put together, so this is sort of on hold. Oops!

  3. I liked your update! YAY!


    I really liked the idea of recycled orchestra - that's so cool! Have fun with that :)

    I still feel weird not going back to school in the fall.

  4. Yeah, Candy. You *are* weird not going back to school in the fall. What's up with that?

    I haven't seen you go to class in like... a year.

  5. hahaha I just saw your reply to my comment!

    I know - it's crazy. No school. But not for long - I'm going back in the fall of '09 (assuming all goes well, like the GRE etc.). And then you'll be out of school while I'm still in it. I kindof wish I'd gotten things together earlier and were starting again this semester, but it's been nice to have a break and it wouldn't have been a real break if I were scrambling to do auditions and things halfway through it.

    BY THE WAY, I'm about 80% sure that I'll be in DC in December!