Tuesday, September 2, 2008

CUA POST #3: What does the CUA Chapter of SCI do?

So, why join SCI? Here is a list of some of the benefits, opportunities, and activities that SCI members can expect at CUA this year. Also, you can run for office and bring your own ideas to the table. (If you read nothing else, read the entry half way down about the CD fundraiser project.)

For all SCI members:

SCI frequently updates and maintains a list of composition competitions, conferences, workshops, and other opportunities on its website. Available to members registered with the national organization, SCION currently contains roughly 60 individual entries.

SCI members have the option of joining the SCI e-mail listserv, a community forum of conversations among all SCI members. This is a great way to communicate with a community of other composers to announce an upcoming performance, ask for advice in teaching composition lessons, etc.

SCI members have the option of creating a personal page on SCI that includes a small number of audio samples (a good option for those not yet ready to purchase their own website). Also, student chapter members can set up sites promoting their group and activities. We hope to do this in the fall semester.

SCI activities specific to CUA:

Last year we had a major catch-22 in that we had no budget because we had no members because we had no events because we had no budget (repeat as necessary...). So this fall we're going to take care of all of those challenges at once.
As a fundraiser for SCI, we are going to write and record a CD of Christmas music in some way evocative of the "Golden Era of American songwriting" or "Great American Songbook" - 1900-1940 or so. (Think Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, Frank Sinatra.) These songs will be performed live at a CUA concert as well as recorded. CD sales will go to fund SCI projects, social events, and other needs.
The deadline for completion of the songs is November 1, 2008, although the sooner the better.
Anyone interested in participating should e-mail me with the number of songs you think you can write by then and whether or not you need a lyricist. I'll get you more info once I've had a chance to gauge everyone's interest.
Note: You don't need to be an SCI member to work on this project, but all profits will go to future SCI-related events.

I would like to create an SCI Student Chapter website for CUA to go up on both the SCI site and CUA's site. This would include current composer members, alumni, brief bios, audio examples, and upcoming concerts, events, and projects. Anyone interested in helping should e-mail me or speak up at an SCI meeting.

We would like to arrange a joint recital with one or more DC-area schools (UMD, American, Howard, Georgetown, George Mason, etc...). More word on this later, but it could be a great way to meet other circles of students composers and have an exchange of music and ideas.

We are going to try and have at least one social event with SCI each semester. Any suggestions, let me know. We may also try to coordinate a social event with other area student composers.

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