Sunday, November 9, 2008

Other Interests

For those interested in something more than my occasional post and concert review, here are some assorted tidbits about me, the author:

* I love playing Ultimate ("ultimate frisbee" as most people call it), and am in my 4th year on my university's team.
* I also really love bowling, but haven't gone regularly in 2-3 years. High score: 259
* I have hopes of learning a second language and traveling/living in another country for a year or more, but life has sort of gotten in the way thus far.
* Although I have chosen composition as a career, I briefly considered going into physics, which still fascinates me despite (or due to) my modest understanding of the topic.
* I'm working on a personal composition website, but have no real design skills, don't want to pay someone a lot of money for a design, and don't know if my music yet warrants a page with flash and everything. Hopefully one will be up and running by the start of next semester!
* More to come later...


  1. huh, I didn't know about you and physics. Did you know I was trying to get a dual degree with music and physics until junior year? There just wasn't enough time to get it done and not owe an extra fortune.

    What are you using to make your website? Nick told me that he doesn't recommend a flash website until it's already a well known site (or one with a ton of marketing) because they're pretty incompatible with search engines. So I wouldn't worry about that. Just make it decent and make sure everything a programmer could want is dummy-proof accessible :) (which mine isn't yet, that's advice I learned from the Composer's Institute that just finished)

  2. oh, I meant programmer in the sense of someone who programs concert seasons :p