Friday, February 27, 2009

New Music Appetizer Week #5 - A Trip Down Memory Lane

Darn, 24 minutes late.

Here's a mini-blast from the sort-of-past: a short piano work I wrote while a senior in undergrad and finally coming around to the slow realization that a "composer" is one who actually composes music... like, for real... and has it performed.

Mark is a character piece dedicated to my older brother. While the dissonances now sound far too harsh to my ears, the piece was meant to reflect the odd beauty of my brother's firm resolve through any sort of adversity. Some call it persistent. Some call it stubborn. But in any case, this is what it sounded like to my 21-year-old mind.

The recording features yours truly at the piano during my senior piano recital, the high point of my piano playing prowess!

Kind of a departure from the newly-created music theme of my New Music Appetizer, I realize, but I hope I will be forgiven. Last weekend was the insane 24-Hour Musicals, and I've got another collaborative project in the works starting this weekend.

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  2. It was fun to hear you perform this again--that was a memorable recital!