Friday, March 6, 2009

New Music Appetizer Week #6 - Teamwork Is the Key

trembles on the brink

A fascinating yet popular chord progression. An ambiguous and slightly pretentious title. This piece already seems bound for greatness!

For this week's New Music Appetizer, I'm joining forces with a handful of musician friends to write some music "just for fun" (whatever that means). The online music collaboration site Kompoz allows people to upload and download individual tracks of a song, facilitating remote collaboration. There are some great projects and great potential on the site.

trembles on the brink combines the soft strings chord progression of Jerome Kern's All the Things You Are (perhaps the most perfect song ever created) with... well, I don't know yet. That's the joy of collaboration!

To hear two other versions of the progression and learn more about the project, visit its Kompoz page.

Switching gears, also note that the Home and Projects pages of my website have undergone revisions and added a bunch of links. I finally got around to learning basic HTML coding yesterday, and I do mean basic! (A HREF=what?)

Enjoy, and have a good week. As always, say hi through comments. I'm off to imitate Boulez! Sort of...


  1. That Kompoz website seems really cool. Too bad I'm too much of a control freak to let anyone mess with my stuff, haha. Nah, I'll probably give it a try some time.

  2. Haha. Yes, that's why this is just a "for fun" project. It's something different, at least!