Sunday, April 19, 2009

BEDA Day 19: Death and Taxes

Again something not musical, but very interesting nonetheless:

Death and Taxes gives an estimated, proportional graphic representation of where our federal tax dollars go. This of course includes only discretionary spending. Now, I'm by no means anti-government, but I do try to live sort of frugally and, like many people, would like the government to attempt to follow suit.

It's interesting to note that, of $1,182 billion of discretionary spending (wow!), nearly $705 billion of that is going to the Department of Defense or the "Global War on Terror" (not including Dept. of Homeland Security, etc.), leaving $477 billion for the rest of the budget.

The Departments of Health & Human Services ($68 bil), Transportation ($63 bil), Education ($59 bil) form the next largest portions.

Wow. And the NEA gets $128 million this year. Nice...

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