Thursday, March 18, 2010

Oblivion and Night in Kalapa

As my hunt for singing bowls hopefully comes to a harmonious conclusion, I'm also finishing up my libretto and diving into my music/orchestration.

Planned instrumental ensemble: amplified classical guitar, 2 cellos (celli, technically!), and percussion [vibraphone, tam-tam, cymbals, temple blocks, and more!]

Of more immediate interest to me - and to my readers! - is one particular, central poem in my libretto. I have been given permission by the Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche's generous publisher to set the poem "Night in Kalapa" from the book Snow Lion's Delight. (please click for info)

Read the poem here at (scroll to the bottom). It's truly the spirit, tone, and heart of my opera's message, far more so than the dreary, life-negating timbre of Lovecraft's narrative. As dreamy and mystical as the short story "Oblivion" is, its outlook on reality certainly runs against the grain of something deep inside me that is or longs to be cheerful, practical, happy, and, perhaps more important, contented.

I hope you find "Night in Kalapa" as inspiring as I do. More updates later!

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