Thursday, January 27, 2011

Emerging from a Pile of Job Applications

January 27, 2011. Finally, I'm completely caught up on my faculty job applications, which began in late-August, 2010.

51 jobs applied to so far, who knows how many yet to appear before July. It feels great to be done, though, temporarily! What an arduous and rather spendy 4-month process!

Oh look, another job posting went up just now. Application #52, here we come!

I promise my next entry will be less than 4 months from now! Say hi if you're still reading.

P.S. - Final composition of my grad school career is also coming to completion. Wow, talk about juggling priorities!!


  1. And might we be hearing this final composition of your grad school career at the Fringe Festival this summer? No pressure but you can take that as a request.

  2. Thanks for the request, Jessica! :) Unfortunately, my work for full orchestra is not a recipe for either engaging theater or decent profits.

    Maybe the following year, though. I'm starting to like this opera-writing thing.